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The village was founded by colonists from the island of Crete in the time of 1840 - 1850. Its initial name 'Taverna' is due to the time when it owned the
only tavern in the region and it is still used sometimes. Since 1930 the place is officially called Finikounda and belongs to the municipality of Methoni.
Located in a green and fertile region, the traditional sources of income was agriculture and fishing. 30 years ago Finikounda was discovered by tourism.
Since then a manageable and harmonious infrastructure away from mass tourism has been develpoed and the friendly Greek spirit has been kept all over
the years

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Luckily there are no mega-hotels or resorts in Finikounda. In addition to 5 small hotels there are numerous apartment buildings (five to ten units) and
guestrooms, some of them very close to our station. Very popular are the five campsites, which are spread over the bay. All campsites (between 65-100
units) offer a very high and modern standard and are managed very neatly. Since, despite many similarities, the sitesindividually differ, a comparative
look might be helpful. Check   Anemomilos   Thines   Ammos   Finikes  Loutsa