At this point we would appeal to these who visit Finikounda with their own equipment and call the dangers of offshore wind to your minds.
As in many places our cross-offshore wind seems to be less strong at the beach that it actually is out on the sea.
Check your sail size and do not overestimate your windsurfing-abilities. You must be aware that in case of emergency the wind will quickly
carry you out towards the open sea.
Fortunately the helpfulness among surfers, sailors and motor boat owners is big. In addition our baywatch is permanently stuffed during
business hours and especially attentive when wind blows offshore. Of course we operate an offshore rescueboat with which we can even
go out in most difficult conditions. But at 80% of the rescues we have to find out that the reason was apparent in advance and could therefore
have been avoided.
Check your equipment! Start with small rigs! Ask other surfers how the winds is out there!