All prices are in Euro and inculude V.A.T. The price also includes live west, harness and neopren shorty.

Pricelist Rental

1 hour   15,00    20,00
2 hours   23,00    30,00
1/2 day [info]   35,00    54,00
1 day [info]   49,00    79,00
10 hour cardiInfo]   90,00  120,00
board without sail (1 hour)   10,00
sail without board (2 hours)   15,00
10 hour card sail[info]   60,00
10 hour card board[info]   60,00
1 week surfpool [info] 140,00
2nd week surfpool [info] 110,00
kayak 1 person, 1/2 hour     3,00
kayak 2 persons, 1/2 hour     4,50
kayak 1 person, 1 hour     6,00
kayak 2 persons, 1 hour     9,00
kayak 1 person, 2 hour   10,00
kayak 2 persons, 2 hours   15,00
Guided Catamarantour with skipper 1 hour [info]   30,00
Guided Catamarantour with skipper 2 hours [info]   50,00
equipment storage /piece and day [info]     1,00
equipment storage /piece and week [info]     5,00
























Terms of rental: The renting person has to be able to swim, has to have a basic knowledge of surfing/sailing and has to treat
the equipment nicely. The minimum age for renting a sailing boat is 16 years.


At all lessons the price includes the equipment, further most lessons have a guaranteed success.

try-out windsurfing [info]   4 hours    70,00
windsurfing for beginners [info] 10 hours  150,00
windsurfing for children iInfo] 10 hours  150,00
international basic windsurf license iInfo]   4 hours    39,50
advanced windsurfing I [info]   2 hours    35,00
advanced windsurfing II [info]   4 hours    70,00
advanced windsurfing III [info]   6 hours  105,00
private lesson (without equipment) [info]    20,00










Catamaransailing  duration    price
Catamaran for 1 hull-sailors [info]   3 hours     69,00
try-out catamaransailing iInfo]   3 hours     69,00
catamaransailing for beginners[info] 12 hours   220,00
international basic catamaran licenseiInfo]   4 hours     59,00
andvanced catamaransailing I [info]   2 hours     45,00
andvanced catamaransailing II iInfo]   4 hours     90,00
private lesson (without equipment) [info]     25,00












Explanation of times
Half a day is four hours, a day eight hours..

10 hour card
Ten hours windsurfing for the price of six single hours. Divide the 600 minutes the way you like it. Two 10-hour-cards a week make a surfpool.

Windsurfing as much as you want...

Guided tours
If you do not know (yet) how to sail, but you want to get to know the feeling of catsailing, you can hire a catamaran with skipper.
Up to four passengers are possible. You decide about the direction and the speed.

Equipment storage
You have the possibility to store your equipment at our station. There is a rig-up/down place where you can rinse your gear, rig and board racks.
We help you to trim your sail perfectly and also have a eye on you when you are out windsurfing.

Try-out windsurfing
If you are not really sure wether to learn windsurfing, start with the beginner`s lessons and decide after four hours whether to continue.

Windsurfing for children/ beginners
At these lessons you learn how to steer, to stop, the fast tack and some theory. It will last 2 ½ days with a two-hours lesson both in the morning
and in the evening. We guarantee that you succeed in learning windsurfing!

International licences
As an official member of he VDWS (association of German watersportschools) we are licensed to provide the praktical and theoretical test
for the basic licence for windsurfing/catamaransailing..

Advanced Windsurfing
In advanced windsurfing I (1 × 2 hours) you will learn:
In advanced windsurfing II (2 × 2 hours) you will learn: In advanced windsurfing III (3 × 2 hours) you will learn:


Private lesson
A private lesson is one instructor for up to two people. You choose the subject and windcondition. Also you can use your own equipment.

Catamaransailing for 1-hull sailors
If you are an experienced sailor you get to know all catamaran specific manoeuvres so that you can handle a catamaran afterwards.

Try-out Catamaransailing
If you want to find out whether catamaran sailing could also be your sport, start with the beginner`s lessons and decide after 3 hours
whether to continue.

Catamaransailing for beginners
Here you will learn everything to sail a catamaran safely. It will last 4 days with a 3-hours lesson every day.

Advanced Catamaransailing
In advanced catamaransailing I (1 × 2 hours) you can learn:
In advanced catamaransailingII (2 × 2 hours) you can learn: